Orapup – The Orabrush for Dogs

Picture of Labrador RetrieverIf you are searching for an Orabrush for dogs, then you probably already know what an Orabrush is.

The doggie version is called the Orapup.

For those of you who don’t know what the Orabrush is, we will talk about that before giving you some more details about the version created for your pooch.

What is the Orabrush?

The Orabrush is a device that will help prevent bad breath by cleaning your tongue.

The inventor of this device learned that as much as 90% of bad breath is caused by a dirty tongue and after learning that, he wanted to look for a way to correct the problem.

The Orabrush uses soft plastic bristles that are just like the ones on the scrub brushes that surgeons use to prepare for surgery. A surgeon will use these bristles to clean bacteria from the hands before they start a procedure and the Orabrush will clean bacteria from your tongue to help eliminate bad breath. The Orabrush uses the soft bristles to get into the crevices of your tongue and loosen bacteria. Then a scraper collects and removes the bacteria.

This product has been very popular since it was released and to date there have been more than 3 million units sold.

There are also hundreds of positive reviews online on blogs, forums and retail websites. There are also dozens of positive reviews on YouTube with people making videos about their experiences with the product.

Orabrush for dogs - Orapup.

Some of the Things Customers Are Saying about the Orabrush

Some customers are leaving simple reviews online saying things like “this thing works, no more bad breath.”

Another review we found was from someone that said that the Orabrush scrapes all of the nasty stuff off your tongue and cleans it. This person also said that the Orabrush is fantastic and it really works.

One customer said that they use their toothbrush to clean their tongue and then they use the Orabrush after that. They said that even after cleaning with the toothbrush, the Orabrush is still able to get nasty gunk off of their tongue, stuff that their toothbrush missed. This person said that the bristles of the Orabrush are better at getting into the crevices of his tongue than a toothbrush, and the scraper is much better at pulling that stuff out.

We also found over 40 positive reviews on YouTube and there are over 100,000 Facebook fans for the Orabrush too.

The Orabrush for Dogs

The Orabrush has had so many happy customers with people being really impressed by how well it works.

Many of these people also happen to be dog owners.

Once people had a chance to use the Orabrush and see how well it works, many of these people started asking if there was an Orabrush for dogs. After some research and development, the Orapup was born.

The Orapup comes in a variety of colors and it uses the same soft bristles as the Orabrush. The handle went through a number of different designs before coming up with its current shape and configuration. The handle is designed to position the brush bristles vertically in front of your dog so that they can lick the bristles using the entire length of their tongue.

The other tricky thing that the makers of the Orapup had to figure out was how to get a dog to lick the bristles.

It won’t be easy for someone to open their dog’s mouth and use a tongue scraper on them. The solution was to come up with a flavored gel that dogs enjoy. There are currently two flavors available, beef and bacon. With these flavored gels, dogs enjoy licking the Orapup and they will do most of the work for you. The flavored gels are made with all natural ingredients that are approved by the FDA and even contain natural enzymes that will help prevent future bad breath.

The Orapup is a much newer product than the Orabrush so there aren’t as many reviews online but the reviews we were able to find were largely positive. Several customers are saying that they’re pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how well it solves the problem of bad doggie breath. Many customers are saying that their dog loves to use the Orapup and because of the flavored gels, many dogs see it as a treat to get their mouths cleaned.

The Orapup is not yet available in stores but it is available for sale online and it’s also very reasonably priced.

Because the Orabrush for dogs version is reasonably priced and because most customers are leaving good reviews, we would recommend giving the Orapup a try.